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One-on-One: Miles Wright ‘14 - Tabor Academy (MA) Football / Basketball

Posted: January 02 2013

One-on-One: Miles Wright ‘14 - Tabor Academy (MA) Football / Basketball
Miles Wright credit: W. Phillpot

Tabor Academy (MA) multi-sport star Miles Wright '14 is one of the rare athletes these days. A current junior, Wright holds scholarship offers in both football and basketball. Wright excels on the gridiron as well as the hardwood and is coming off a very successful first year at the Tabor Academy after transferring from Boston Latin prior to the school year.

Wright led Tabor to a 6-2 record this season, only losing to eventual two Bowl champions in Cheshire and Suffield. The Dual-Threat quarterback had a game to remember against St. Thomas More when he accounted for all six touchdowns (4 rushing, 2 passing) and ran for 235 yards in a 42-27 win.

Wright also starred on the summer AAU basketball circuit with Metro Boston after coming off an All-Dual County League hoops season where he also won the slam dunk championship at the annual All-Star game. see video here

We caught up with Wright over the holiday break as he helps to lead Tabor Academy to one of their best starts on teh hardwood in recent years.

How has your first year at Tabor gone both athletically and academically?
MW: My first year at Tabor is going very well so far both athletically and academically. I have about a 3.3 GPA right now and hoping to do better next quarter. Basketball and football are both going well. We are 7-2 this basketball season and we came off a pretty good 6-2 football season.

Can you talk a little about last year at Boston Latin and the differences between the academics, social life and the competition that you saw on the field and that you see on the hardwood?

MW: I had a good experience at Boston Latin in both academics and the social life because it is such a big school. The athletic competition was not challenging enough in either sport. I knew that at the next level the competition would be a lot tougher and I figured the competition of the NEPSAC would be closer to the competition of college.
At Tabor I play against several other Division 1, 2 and 3 prospects in both basketball and football and it is only making me better. Tabor only has about 500 students and many are boarding students, so everyone is a lot closer with each other because we are basically living together for about half of the year. You also have to learn how to manage your time. It is easy to blow off school work or a workout and hang out with your friends, but you really have to make sure you get your work done which make it great preparation for college.

You had a nice first season on the gridiron and went 6-2. Can you talk about your season overall from both a team and personal perspective? Can you also talk a little about next year's prospective team and your thoughts on 2013?

MW: We had a good season, with many new players like Bryce Boggs '14, and postgrads Todd Bazarewsky and Jesse Monteiro. We had to mesh quicker than most teams but we had a great chemistry off the field and that translated on to the field and into six wins. It was a great season for the team, establishing ourselves as one of the best teams in the Colonial League, but it was also a great season for myself.
I have earned interest from schools such as Duke, Vanderbilt, Virginia, UNC, West Virginia, and some others.
Next year we should have an equally great season, if not better, with several skill position players coming back and great students entering the school.
Miles Wright credit: W. Phillpot

As a quarterback can you talk about the most important things that you bring to the position and talk a little about the importance of leadership at the position?

MW: I think as a quarterback the most important thing is leadership. The QB tells the other guys what to do and has to make sure they do it. This season i was a vocal leader but I also led by example. With the great teammates that I have it was easy to lead. Next season as a captain my role wil not change that much. I will just keep doing what I am doing.
Another important thing is speed. In a spread offense a mobile quarterback is dangerous because it is not just a passing offense. Zone reads can be made and now it is a very dangerous duel threat. I ran a 4.60 40 yard dash which is faster than most quarterbacks, which is what attracts many coaches I believe.

You are one of the rare, multi-sport, scholarship level athletes these days. Can you talk about your decision to stay with both sports when so many kids are focusing on one sport all-year round?

MW: Well, I have played both sports since I was very young and the way I see it two sports equals twice as many opportunities for college. Focusing on one sport is fine, however playing two sports, in my opinion, keeps you in better shape.

You picked up your first football offer from UMass this year. Can you talk a little about that feeling and how the football recruiting process has been going overall. Who have you been hearing from most?

MW: It is always great to pick up your first offer and knowing that you have such a great option. The process has been great. I have heard from about 12 schools, four of them being in the ACC. I hear from UMass, Boston College and Duke the most.
Right now I am just enjoying the process. It feels great to be recruited by schools that I watched play on Saturdays when I was a young kid and now knowing that could be me in a couple of years, I am very blessed.

You also had a big summer playing basketball with Metro Boston. Can you talk a little about how that went and how the basketball recruiting picked up as well?

MW: This summer was big for me because it was really when my recruiting picked up. At this time last year I was not being recruited by any schools and now I have interest from about 20 Division 1 schools.
At the Super Showcase and Nationals in Florida this summer we played in front of dozens college coaches each game. I now hold two offers, from Brown and the University of New Hampshire. I have recently heard from Davidson, Lehigh, Quinnipiac, UConn, and Vermont.

You are probably asked to pick a sport all the time but do you have a favorite and can you talk about the differences in preparing for both sport's seasons?

MW: I get this question all the time and basketball is my favorite sport but that does not mean I will definitely choose it over football in college.
Preparations are very different for both sports. When I prepare for football I lift a lot, heavier weights with less reps, a lot of footwork drills, and of course a lot of passing.
Basketball is different. I prepare by increasing my stamina, lifting with lighter weights but more reps, and tons of drills working on shooting and dribbling. For both sports I am really just working on athleticism because in both sports, it eventually comes down to athleticism.

When you are not playing a sport what do you like to do in your free time?

MW: When I have free time, which is rare, I love spending time with family, especially my mother, Lisa and my younger brother, Marcus. I love them more than anything so whenever I am not doing school work or playing a sport, I should spend most of my time with them. I will do whatever makes them happy.

Lastly, tell us something about you that most people do not know?

MW: Something that most people do not know about me is that I skipped the second grade, so I have always been young for my grade and teams. When I reclassified to 2014, I was really just going back to my correct grade so it was not a full reclassification. That was a part of the decision to go to Tabor as well.



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