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One-on-One: Lubern Figaro ‘14 - Everett (MA) Football

Posted: January 30 2013

One-on-One: Lubern Figaro ‘14 - Everett (MA) Football

Everett junior defensive back Lubern Figaro '14 isfresh off another Super Bowl Championship and back it on the hardwood  the winter for the Crimson Tide basketball team.

We caught up with the junior prospect as he balances off-season football conditioning and a busy Greater Boston League basketball schedule.


Can you talk a little about your success on the gridiron this season, both as a team and individually?

LF: The success we had this season as a team and individually was great. Winning three super bowls in a row, back to back to back, was a great accomplishment.

Talk a little about the strong tradition of playing football at Everett High School.

LF: The tradition of playing football at Everett is great, Just knowing this city has won nine Super Bowl championships and playing under one of the best high school coaches to ever coach the game is amazing. Throughout my years of playing here I have played with a lot of good players who ended up playing college football. It is something I want to and expect to do one day.

As one of the top junior prospects in New England talk about some of the things you do in the off-season to improve your game. 

LF: Throughout the off-season I am just always working on my skill sets and trying to work harder then the next guy. I am thankful to be known as one of the top junior prospects and that just makes me want to work even harder and get better every day.

As a versatile defensive back, talk a little about your game and what you perceive to be your strengths as well as something you need to continue to work on. 

LF: My game is getting better every day. My strengths are my footwork and my football I.Q, as well as the way that I speak up. I need to continue to work on some of my decisions and getting out of my breaks better. Those are what I am going to work on all summer.

You also play basketball. Talk about how basketball and other sports help your football game and what your off-season football plan consists of. 

LF: Basketball helps a lot with my defense and it keeps me in great shape. This year my off-season football plan consists of strength training, I just want my last year of playing high school football to be one of the best ones, I am here to work and there are no days off.

You recently attended the BC junior day. Can you talk about that experience overall?

LF: That was a good experience for me, just meeting new kids from different areas and seeing what I have to compete with, I loved it down there and felt like I was at home. The coaching staff at BC is great, especially the way they treated the players. They make make sure that you handle your business in the classroom and I love that. There is definitely competition and that makes me want to work even harder after that experience.

How has the recruiting process been going early and what are you looking for in a potential college?

LF: The recruiting process is still not were I want it to be but hopefully it picks up.  The thing I am looking for in a school early in the process is a place where I can compete and where they push their players. I am hearing from Boston College and others and hopefully more when the recruiting process picks up.

Talk a little about the team and how it looks next year.

LF: Next year we have a lot of players we need to replace but with the athletes we have in Everett I know we can do it. Our defense is going to be very solid next year and we just have to replace a lot of key players on offense. 

Who was the best or best player or players that you played against in the past two seasons and some of your toughest competition at Everett?

LF: The best player who I have played against was DJ Crook (Penn State) of Barnstable. The toughest completion I had from Everett was Manny Asprilla (pictured below at Boston College).

Manny Asprilla - Boston College credit Michael Tureski/ IconSMI


Lastly, tell us something unique about you or something that not a lot of people know. 

LF: Something unique about me is that I can belly dance.




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