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One on One: Kalief Joyner ‘13 PG Tight End - Cheshire Academy (CT) Football

Posted: September 26 2012

One on One: Kalief Joyner ‘13 PG Tight End - Cheshire Academy (CT) Football
credit - K. Joyner

Tight End Kalief Joyner '13 PG began his Cheshire Academy (CT) prep season with an opening day, 34-7, win over Pomfret School last Saturday.

Joyner comes to Cheshire from Christ the King High School in New York City after a blossoming high school career where he just began to scratch the surface of his potential.

Instead of making his way to college Joyner chose to attend Cheshire Academy for a postgraduate year. Cheshire is coming off of an undefeated Bowl winning season and return some of the top talent in the New England Prep ranks.

We caught up with Joyner as Cheshire prepares for their second game of the season against Gunnery this Saturday.


Can you talk a little about your choice to do PG year and to attend Cheshire Academy?

KJ: I decided to do a post grad year because I felt that I needed another opportunity to go through the recruiting process. Cheshire Academy was my first choice after visiting other prep schools. It just felt like a good fit.

How has the transition gone coming to Cheshire?

KJ: The transition has been fine. Of course I miss home and I am being challenged academically on a daily basis. The  team has been very welcoming, everyone here is very friendly and always willing to help. This experience will definitely help me next year at the collegiate level.

Talk a little about your first game playing for Cheshire in your opening game? Talk about the differences from last season to this season.

KJ: I was definitely a little nervous, but once I was out there it felt good.  Playing in Connecticut, I am more focused on my goal and there is more at stake.

Talk a little more about your squad this year and some of the players and coaches at Cheshire.

KJ: There is a lot of talent on this team. There are three other PGs as well, so we can relate.  Having a teammate that has already committed (Cory Jasudowich, Boston College) is definitely motivation for me. Coach Dykeman and his coaching staff are great leaders and teachers, so I believe we are in great hands.

Can you talk about your game a little from your perspective? What do you see as your biggest strengths and what is something that you need to continue to work on? 

KJ: I started playing football in high school. I had never played before. I think I am a raw talent with a great upside. I have good hands and I can catch, but I want to be more aggressive on my blocks. I believe I also have a good football IQ.TT

Talk a little about the recruiting process and how it has gone for you? What schools are you hearing from most and what do you look for in a potential school?

KJ: Right now, I am in touch with Temple, UMass and Bowling Green the most. Education is important to me and my family. Any potential school would have to have a good graduation rate.

If you could lend a piece of advice to a future high school athlete coming up with aspirations of taking their game to the college level, what would it be?

KJ: I would advise any athlete that wants to take their game to the next level to definitely get their name out there, attend college camps, combines, etc. and film is important. The recruiting process has ups and downs, but if you want to reach the next level, you can't give up. 

Who is the player (NFL or College) that you like to mold your game after or your favorite player?

KJ: It is definitely Michael Vick. We don't play the same position but I admire the way he attacks the game and how he's overcome adversity by taking advantage of his second chance.

What do you like to do off the field? Hobbies, interests, other sports?

KJ: I like to play video games and hang out with friends and I like to play basketball too.

Lastly, tell us something interesting that not many people know about you?

I am a sneaker head. I like to collect limited edition sneakers.



See some of Joyner's highlights last season at Christ the King (NY)




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