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Massachusetts Prep Stars is the website and company, under the corportion New Englad Prep Stars Inc. It is designed to highlight and provide exposure for high school athletes.  If at any time the athlete or their family does not like their photo we will remove the photo from the website.  The athlete's information provided is an accurate assessment from Mass Prep Stars but details of class, height etc can be inaccurate from time to time.  Please contact Mass Prep Stars if you see any irregularities or want any information correctly altered.

Photos and Material

Mass Prep Stars owns the rights to all of its photos taken as well as all written material/news and thus has the material copyrighted.  All non credited photographs and images within this website are the property of New England Prep Stars Inc. and are protected under copyright laws. Any re-use without written consent from Mass Prep Stars is strictly prohibited by law.

The athletes are welcome to "right click" and save the images of themselves for of their use and upload to Facebook. The free low resolution copy is not ideal for printing. Please consider ordering prints or purchasing the original size digital download. The free low--res copy is a courtesy to the athlete only, otherwise the photos remain the © copy-written property of New England Prep Stars Inc. If you have any questions send an email to: newenglandprepstars@hotmail.com

If you are interested in using any of our pictures or articles or any website information please contact us first before doing so. We are very cooperative as the site is designed to provide exposure for these athletes and schools.  We are just concerned with giving proper credit to our hard working and talented staff as well as our partners.


Mass Prep Stars also has partnerships with picture companies and photographers and wants to make sure you know that some of our photos are from our partners and they have strict rules surrounding their property. 

School Photos

School profile photos and images are linked directly from the school website.  We have attempted to contact schools on our site but if for some reason we have missed you and if there is an issue with any use of school photos/images please contact Mass Prep Stars immediately and we will remove it.  The site is designed to provide exposure for the high school athletic departments as well and we will work with you to ensure that the schools and athletes are best represented in the relationship.


Lastly, no portion of massprepstars.com or its content may be reproduced without the owner's written permission

Please contact us at newenglandprepstars@hotmail.comif you have any questions or concerns.

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